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Recipe of traditional lemon marshmallow

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Preparation: 60min
  • Quantity: 250 gr

Making marshmallows is not just a pastry affair.

With our homemade marshmallow recipe, discover the secrets of this melting and light delicacy. An easy and fast method.

Step 1 : Pour the water and sugar into a saucepan and bring the sugar syrup to 140 °. Meanwhile, whisk the eggs to form stiff peaks.

Step 2 : Pour the syrup in the whites while whipping, the whites will thus take volume and cook.


  • 250gr of sugar, 10cl of water,
  • 100gr of leaves of gelatine,
  • 10cl of egg white,
  • one lemon.

And next...

Step 3 : Soak in cold water to soften, press them by hand to drain and then incorporate into the preparation while stirring

Step 4 : Grate the skin of the lemon to add the peel.

Step 5 : Pour into a container lined with buttered paper.

Step 6 : Let stand 12 hours, then cut at will and dust with icing sugar.