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Our traditional sweet and confectionery recipes

Recipe of traditional lemon marshmallow

Making marshmallows is not just a pastry affair. With our homemade marshmallow recipe, discover the secrets of this melting and light delicacy. An easy and fast method.

The recipe of nougat

Making nougat is not given to everyone. The nougat recipe, jealously kept by confectioners, is a delicate alchemy between the cooking of honey, the temperature of sugar syrup and the addition of different ingredients.

Manufactured with the utmost care, tested and approved by our chefs, here is what you need to make by yourself your own confectioneries! These candies recipes do not require any specific material. Follow the step-by-step instructions and become a master in the art of confectionery. You will be able to reproduce the classics of the Arnaud Soubeyran House with nougat, marshmallow or calisson recipes. We also offer some variations of these products to create pastries or atypical desserts !