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To go out in Drôme, between nature and delicacies…

La Drôme Provençale

First clue? Colored fields of a deep purple. You are in the Drôme Provençale, a region rich in local products and biodiversity.

The lavender, one of its jewels

was distilled in Provence from the 16th century. Its large-scale cultivation only began in the 19th century and became the symbol of an entire region.

In addition to the nougat, that you can discover throughout our museum, another delight, this time salty, is waiting for you a few kilometers from Montélimar. Present in our beautiful region for two thousand years, it is in Nyons that we find the most famous among them. The inimitable taste of the olive of Nyons is the proof that the qualities of a terroir are found in its fruit.


Without a doubt, the most prized of its kind for its taste and its rarity is the black truffleans doute la plus recherchée de son espèce pour son goût et sa rareté.

It will delight your taste buds in a multitude of preparations. Our region, specifically Tricastin, is the first truffle region in Europe! As the major place of truffle, Richerenches and its market will show you the secret universe of truffle enthusiasts.

Known for its powerful fragrance, which can be found, for example, in our nougat, honey of Provence comes from our sunny valleys and verdant mountains. Taking advantage of the biodiversity of our land and of the cultivation of aromatic plants, the bees produce an extremely floral honey.

The north of the Drôme produces the most popular vintages of France: the famous Hermitage, Croze-Hermitage, and Saint Joseph. The first one, a powerful and refined long-keeping wine, grows on the slopes of the hills, alongside the banks of the Rhône. The second one, in a wider territory, appreciated for its fruity and thirst-quenching character, can be enjoyed even when very young and develops more animal notes of spices and leather for those who can wait; The third one, the St. Joseph, more mineral, with notes of red fruits, tends to age on hazelnut aromas.