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To visit Montélimar, the capital of nougat

Who would have thought that this small quiet town of the north of Provence would become the capital of nougat.

In the post-war years, there were about a hundred factories, only twenty remained, Arnaud Soubeyran is the oldest. If good treats attract you to our factory, you will not only discover the history of this delicacy over the museum, but also assist to its homemade live manufacturing from the kitchens!


Other jewel of the city is the castle of Adhémar.

This medieval castle was built in the 12th century by the lords of Montélimar, one of the most powerful families of Provence. It now houses a collection of contemporary art and has stunning views over the region.

On site, do not miss the miniature museum and its stunning collection as well as the aviation museum, exciting even for the neophytes.

Very close to Montélimar, the region is full of cultural treasures and sumptuous landscapes.

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