Land & Bees

A dream come true

Our dream to become growers has come true under the guidance of Thomas, together with our commitment to manage the production of organic raw materials at source : 5 hectares of almond groves have been cultivated in Ardèche since 2017 and a further 15 hectares have recently been planted on the outskirts of Montélimar at Châteauneuf-du-Rhône.

Fascinated by the fragile and amazing world of bees

The hives have continued to expand since 2017, allowing us to make our own local « Nougat de chez nous ».
Medium and long-term projects in the pipeline include the creation of hedges to encourage biodiversity, the opening of a centre for research into the eco-friendly, responsible use of raw materials produced at source, the creation of a honey factory at the Châteauneuf-du Rhône and the sale of products grown on-site.
Follow the development of our project run by Thomas from season to season through different articles : straight from plants to hives !

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