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Museum of Valence and the region, places of delicacies

Famous for its landscapes, the Drôme is also rich in cultural places.

  • The Valence Museum
  • The Valrhona Chocolat Museum
  • The Bee hives of the world
  • Richerenches, truffle capital
  • The Pogne Museum
  • The Olive tree Museum



Less than an hour from the nougat museum, the museum of Valence offers a collection of art and archeology unique in Drôme. The 12th century building houses a collection of more than 20,000 works.

Another detour through the confectionery, the Valrhona Chocolate Museum at Tain, l’Hermitage is an invitation to awaken the senses. Several playful animations will teach you to approach the chocolate in all its forms, and of course to taste it.

From the origins of honey, discover the bee hives of the world, a collection of 150 traditional hives. You will learn the importance of the bee and the conservation of the traditional bee heritage.

Capital of the truffle, Richerenches and its truffle and wine museum will make you discover the subtleties of this black gold and the mysteries of its soil.

The Pogne Museum in Bourg de Péage allows you to visit the oldest bakery in the region and to discover the secrets of the recipe of pogne and saint génix, local specialties with delicate and irresistible fragrance!

Through the exhibits, the 300 m² Olive tree Museum in Nyons explains to its visitors the ancient and more recent history of the culture of the olive tree in Nyons and its surroundings.