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Manufacturing of candy, nougat ... The secrets of the confectionery Arnaud Soubeyran

For nearly 200 years, Arnaud Soubeyran House has maintained an ancestral know-how in the elaboration of traditional confectioneries such as Nougat, Calisson, Toffee, Marshmallow or coated almonds, as many old sweets prepared according to authentic recipes, cooked in copper cauldrons. The Arnaud Soubeyran confectioneries owe much of its delicacy to the choice of the raw materials used. This quality is the result of a good knowledge of the country and a close relationship with the regional producers.

The lavender honey is harvested in Provence. Chosen for its particular fragrance, it is cooked slowly in a boiling water bath to allow the evaporation of the water, still keeping its aromas.

The almonds of the Mediterranean basin are crunchy and tasty. They bring to nougat all their brightness.