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The homemade manufacturing of calisson

The calisson...

…a famous confectionery from Provence, is made from pruned almonds, candied melons, egg white, sugar, and candied citrus fruits (oranges and clementines)

A delicacy from Provence par excellence, the calisson was born in the 12th century in the monasteries. Originally from Italy and made with candied melons and almonds, this confectionery has long been associated with religious festivals.

The Calisson Arnaud Soubeyran is made with Mediterranean almonds...

…candied melons from Apt, mixed with sugar, and candied citrus fruits (oranges and clementines).

The ingredients are first crushed. To strengthen the taste of almond and melon, we add oranges, clementines and bitter almonds. Then the dough is cooked slowly in a boiling water bath in copper cauldrons. A sugar syrup is added during the cooking.
Once rested, the dough is molded and then iced on top with a mixture of egg whites and icing sugar. A last passage in the oven, and the delicious calissons are ready to be tasted.